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2015/2016 Registrations and applications for Medicine at the GAMSAT Consortium medical schools and for Dentistry and Optometry at The University of Melbourne will open in early May 2015.


Registration for 2015 has closed.

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Registrations and applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry are now closed. Offers have been released for Medicine. Early round offers for Optometry at the University of Melbourne have been made. Offers have been released for Dentistry at the University of Melbourne.

The system was last updated at 1pm 31 May 2015

The system will be updated and be offline briefly at 10am 31 May 2015

You have until 4 June to complete your payment.

We can now release GPAs to interested applicants for Medicine. Please email your request to and include your name and GAMSAT ID in the subject line.

Main round offers for Medicine have been made. All unsuccessful applicants have been emailed. Offers will be made by the medical schools over the week of 2 to 6 November.

Deakin University payment system

After you have submitted your Application, you will be able to follow a link to the Deakin University payment system. The GAMSAT Consortium uses the Deakin University payment system to collect fees for all Applications.

Supporting documents

If you apply for medicine and studied at a non-ARTS institution, you will need to post original official transcripts.
If you apply for Dentistry at the University of Melbourne, you must send all transcripts for all study even if you studied at an ARTS institution.
If you studied at The University of Melbourne, and you're applying only for Optometry, you need not send your Melbourne transcripts.

Note that this includes transcripts for exchange studies.